from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
Jason Atton
Matt Rogers
(A) Larry Lucas Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
Loco Pirates6101289475-1-01-0-0W2
Pat Simpson Club6301294835-3-01-0-0W1
Lincoln Tavern5201088544-2-01-0-0W2
Southside Tavern5301082535-3-00-0-0L1
Elevated Realty330656513-3-00-0-0L1
STATS Sluggers320648452-2-01-0-0L1
VK's Club330652692-3-01-0-0L1
Harp & Bard060039570-6-00-0-0L6

(B) Buckey Feeney Division
TEAM  W   L   T   PTS   RS   RA   vs Lucas   vs Feeney   Strk 
Roza Lyons5101080550-0-05-1-0W5
The Banshee5201094650-1-05-1-0W3
The Kekambas5301090780-0-05-3-0L1
Junction Yard Goats320629310-0-03-2-0W1
Village Pizza230435530-0-02-3-0L1
Pitches Get Hit240465770-0-02-4-0W2
City Tap House110217170-0-01-1-0L1
Colt Recycling140228470-0-01-4-0L4
Team Cookout160247960-0-01-6-0L3
The Playwright060029710-0-00-6-0L6

2017 Playoff Format: Top eight teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs. There will then be single elimination games between 1A vs 8B, 2A vs 7B, 3A vs 6B, 4A vs 5B, 5A vs 4B, 6A vs 3B, 7A vs 2B, and 8A vs 1B. The winners of these games will then re-seed and play a best of three game series.

Semi finals will be a best of five series

Finals will be a best of five series

Upcoming Games
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Thirst at
Harp & Bard  8:00:00 PM
The Banshee at
Handdukies  9:30:00 PM
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Silkworms at
VMT  6:00:00 PM
Colt Recycling at
The Playwright  7:30:00 PM
City Tap House at
VK's Club  9:00:00 PM
Upcoming Games
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Thirst 8:00:00 PM
Harp & Bard
The Banshee 9:30:00 PM
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Roza Lyons  10
The Kekambas  4
STATS Sluggers  3
Lincoln Tavern  14
Village Pizza 9:00:00 PM
Pitches Get Hit
Monday, June 26, 2017
Southside Tavern  8
Loco Pirates  9
Elevated Realty  6
Pat Simpson Club  12
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