from left to right: Leon Correy, John Gregorio, Peter Hourihan, Tommy Connolly, Pat Pickup, Tommy McGrath, George Pratt, Jim McNiff, Rob Rogers, and Larry Lucas
TK Skenderian
Danny Lamonica
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Thursday, June 01, 20176:00:00 PM  Silkworms at Team Cookout
7:30:00 PM  The Banshee at Village Pizza
9:00:00 PM  Pitches Get Hit at The Kekambas
Monday, June 05, 20178:00:00 PM  Elevated Realty at Thirst
9:30:00 PM  Harp & Bard at STATS Sluggers
Tuesday, June 06, 20176:00:00 PM  Loco Pirates at Lincoln Tavern
7:30:00 PM  City Tap House at Colt Recycling
9:00:00 PM  Silkworms at Handdukies
Wednesday, June 07, 20178:00:00 PM  The Banshee at Junction Yard Goats
9:30:00 PM  Team Cookout at VMT
Thursday, June 08, 20176:00:00 PM  Pat Simpson Club at Southside Tavern
7:30:00 PM  Pitches Get Hit at The Playwright
9:00:00 PM  Village Pizza at The Kekambas
Monday, June 12, 20178:00:00 PM  Loco Pirates at Pat Simpson Club
9:30:00 PM  Elevated Realty at Lincoln Tavern
Tuesday, June 13, 20176:00:00 PM  City Tap House at The Playwright
7:30:00 PM  Roza Lyons at Junction Yard Goats
9:00:00 PM  Southside Tavern at Harp & Bard
Wednesday, June 14, 20178:00:00 PM  The Kekambas at Colt Recycling
9:30:00 PM  Thirst at VK's Club
Thursday, June 15, 20176:00:00 PM  Village Pizza at Handdukies
7:30:00 PM  VMT at The Banshee
9:00:00 PM  Team Cookout at Pitches Get Hit
Tuesday, June 20, 20176:00:00 PM  Colt Recycling at STATS Sluggers
7:30:00 PM  Roza Lyons at City Tap House
9:00:00 PM  VK's Club at Lincoln Tavern
Wednesday, June 21, 20178:00:00 PM  The Playwright at Silkworms
9:30:00 PM  Junction Yard Goats at Team Cookout
Thursday, June 22, 20176:00:00 PM  Elevated Realty at Harp & Bard
7:30:00 PM  Loco Pirates at Thirst
9:00:00 PM  Southside Tavern at Pat Simpson Club
Monday, June 26, 20178:00:00 PM  Southside Tavern at Loco Pirates
9:30:00 PM  Elevated Realty at Pat Simpson Club
Tuesday, June 27, 20176:00:00 PM  Roza Lyons at The Kekambas
7:30:00 PM  STATS Sluggers at Lincoln Tavern
9:00:00 PM  Village Pizza at Pitches Get Hit
Wednesday, June 28, 20178:00:00 PM  Thirst at Harp & Bard
9:30:00 PM  The Banshee at Handdukies
Thursday, June 29, 20176:00:00 PM  Silkworms at VMT
7:30:00 PM  Colt Recycling at The Playwright
9:00:00 PM  City Tap House at VK's Club

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